Privacy Policy

Last modified: August 17, 2017

Customer privacy is a high priority for Tourism Mount Washington. It is our policy to protect our customers’ privacy in all our business operations.

Tourism Mount Washington has the responsibility to protect the confidentiality of any information about our customers and to safeguard the use of information customers may reasonably expect us to keep private.

We will maintain the confidentiality of personal information you provide to Tourism Mount Washington and use it only to support your customer relationship with Tourism Mount Washington (if you so agree).

In protecting your privacy rights, Tourism Mount Washington:

  • Safeguards customers’ information from unauthorized access.
  • Honours consumers’ requests to remove their names from our telephone, e-mail, or mail solicitation lists.
  • Strives to keep customer records current and accurate.
  • Collects, maintains and uses customer information that is necessary to provide the most helpful and personalized products and services to meet consumers’ needs (if you so agree).
  • Maintains the confidentiality of customer information when undertaking projects with other companies.
  • Honours requests from customers for account information the company has about them.